The rapid growth of technology has globalized the world, and many people now prefer living and working outside their countries. As a result, many people are now interested in learning foreign languages. People are doing this to ensure that they fit in freely in the countries they visit or in the places of work without encountering language barrier problems. 

The Korean language is one of the languages people learn today. Many people prefer taking these courses online because finding tutors who teach physical classes is a challenge. 

The importance of learning Korean online 

The Korean language is now one of the languages many people are trying to learn because of the big job opportunities in Korea and the good culture korean learning online. There are a few tutors offering physical classes. Many people now prefer learning the Korean language online because it is now the only option to learn it perfectly and easily. 

There are more websites offering Korean courses online. There are YouTube videos and podcasts for people who like learning through watching and listening. 

 Learning Korean online is interesting because the learner meets skilled and experienced tutors who offer this course at a cheaper price or for free.  

How to Learn Korean By Yourself Online 

  • The learner should master the Hangul, which is the Korean alphabet. 
  • The learner should search for the best websites or manuals online to learn the language quickly. 
  • The learner should join at least one language exchange community online. This will sharpen his/her skills in the language because he/she will interact with many people and borrow skills. 
  • The learner should watch Korean dramas online. These dramas are based on Korean culture, and this will enable the learner to understand the language deeper. 
  • Search and listen to Korean artists online. This method will ease and make the learning process more enjoyable. 

The best Websites That Offer Korean Courses Online 

  1. Korean Class 101. This site uses audio to teach their learners conversational skills. There are live conversations and the learners are able to get their dashboards to keep their progress. Their subscription plans range from 1 month to 2 years and fees range from $8 to $47 depending on the number of months. 
  1. Sejong Korean. This website teaches all aspects including writing, reading, and listening. It is the best site for both beginners and intermediaries because it offers the full course for free. 
  1. Glossika. This improves the learner’s vocabulary and grammar by interacting with sentences and their structures. 
  1. Lingodeer. This site is recommended for those who want to start learning the basics of the language and explanations. The fees are as follows; $8.99 / month, $19.99 for 3 months, $41.99 for a year, and a lifetime option for $69.99. 
  1. Memrise. This site is for people who are interested in reviewing vocabulary. 


For people who are interested in learning the Korean language, online is the best place for you because it is the best place where the course is offered in the full package.